• The evolving technologies are increasing the importance of cyber security also as the most of information is being stored in digital space. The cyber threats involve not only the businesses but the individuals also because the volume of valuable data is increasing for the both. Your computer, tablet, server, smart phone or any other data storage space all are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Hackers are also using the new tactics to hack the sensitive and important information with different objectives like retarding the performance of an organization by disturbing the IT services through code manipulations or stealing the information for unethical use. Therefore, the global demand of certified security analyst is increasing fast with promising notes.

    EC-Council - The Best Choice to Become Certified Security Analyst:

    EC-Council, formed after the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, is the best known name providing range of IT security training and certification programs. EC-Council, the largest cyber security certification issuing body worldwide, operates in 145 countries; therefore, each certification has the highest value of global recognition. The most sought after EC-Council programs are Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator (C|HFI), Certified Security Analyst (ECSA), License Penetration Testing (Practical) etc. Certified Security Analyst is the most sought after skill by Ethical hackers, Network server administrators, Penetration testers, Security testers, Risk assessment professionals, System administrators and Firewall administrators etc. Are you ready to join ECSA training? You need to be 2 years’ experienced in the related info-security arena along with EC-COUNCIL accredited training.

    What Skills You Gain with Certified Security Analyst Certification: 

    The EC-Council’s accredited training partners provide 5 days comprehensive training for Certified Security Analyst (ECSA) exam. During the lab oriented training you learn about different pen-testing requirements, real world scenarios, possible security threats for an organization, and testing the infrastructures, operating systems and application environments. The learning of pen-testing methodologies like Wireless Penetration testing, Database Penetration testing, Cloud Penetration testing and Perimeter device Pen testing etc makes you a confident and capable security analyst; and a badge from EC-Council adds value to your professional credentials. How to proceed for Certified Security Analyst (ECSA) exam? After completion of ECSA training at any EC-Council’s accredited training centre, you will have to book your exam.

     Why You Should Consider Being A Certified With Certified Security Analyst:

    Organizations are embracing advanced Managed Detection and Response methodologies finely tuned to tackle the modern age cyber security threats. Still, only 19% of IT businesses worldwide have deployed advanced security automation & orchestration technologies to protecting their information assets. When the economic loss because of cybercrime in 2019 is being predicted to be the highest so far, the demand of EC-Council certified Security Analyst is sure to be high in the coming years.

    Take Away:

    EC-Council Certified Security Analyst exam training is being provided in virtual, classroom, instructor- led in class and instructor- led online modes for groups, individuals, and corporate by the numbers of accredited training partners. The gained perfection level depends upon training quality; so, choose the best ECSA exam training centre to become the most competent ‘Security Analyst’.     

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